Anti-Theft GPS (Android version)


Founded with the goal of providing a tool for tracking the device in case of theft. This tracker can be activated via SMS with a special command in the messagetext.

The arrive of such a SMS is hidden, and simultaneously tracking is activated, in such a way the deviceposition is sent to the owner. If the GPS is turned off, the position will be obtained using WiFi.

Activating the SIM card change control, you can receive also a notification for this event. In such a notification the details regarding the new SIM are reported. Since it is impossible to detect the new SIM number, the details in the e-mail regard the serial number of the SIM, whereas the new phone number is detectable only using the notification by SMS. In such a way you can have the new phone number just reading the sender phone number.

Sub-feature is the alarm sound, that when active, is ready to start a siren alarm if robbed. This functionality aims to avoid the theft in particular contexts, such as the device laid on the table of a bar/pub/restaurant, and robbed, etc..

You can use SMS and/or e-mail as notification means.

User manual


Selecting Send SMS you can enter a mobile phone number to which the app sends notifications.

Selecting Send eMail you can enter an e-mail address and password of your inbox, so you can send to your address notifications.


Without any contact, will be impossible for the app to notify any event.


The tracking allows to know at any time the position of the device. This feature can be turned on/off by means of:

- Trackingbutton;

- A command sent via SMS, containing the password used to access to this app, followed by the command:#on (case insensitive, i.e. upper or lower case does not matter) if you want to start tracking;#off(case insensitive, i.e. upper or lower case does not matter) if you want to off.

Writing or not a space between the password and the command makes no difference, whereas the password needs to be typed exactly (the control is case sensitive).

When you activate tracking, your WiFi starts, whereas GPS cannot be turned on/off by the app, then you need to keep it ever active if you want to use it.


- WiFi and GPS are active: the positioning service will be faster than using GPS only, and more accurate than using WiFi only;

- Only WiFi is active (because the GPS is turned off or fails to engage satellites): you will get an approximate location, if WiFi networks are present in the area;

- Only GPS is active (because the WiFi is turned off or there are no WiFi in the area): you will get an accurate positioning when the GPS engages satellites.

- Both WiFi and GPS inactive (because there are no WiFi, and GPS cannot engage satellites): no position service.

Notification details:

- Date and time of the last detection;

- Coordinates (latitude and longitude);

- Cell ID and LAC with which GSM is engaged;

- Link to Google Maps to see the position on the map.


This function allows to request just the current position of the device. The request can be made from any phone by SMS. The request must contain the password that the user uses to access to the app and the command #ping.

When such message is received, AT-GPS obfuscates the reception and:

- if the 'Ping' functionis ON,the device will start the tracking and it will reply to the sender when the first useful position is retrieved;

- if the 'Ping' functionis OFF, the device does nothing.

SIM card changes

This function allows you to monitor the SIM card, notifying any change.

Information reporting (*):

- The serial number of the SIM card;

- IMEI number of your device.

(*) Only using the SMS notification you can get the current phone number. For this reason the SMS notification is recommended.


This feature can be very useful in the case where the device rests on a shelf in a Linux environment crowded. With this alarm activated in the event of attempted shoplifting, the device will start to play with the maximum volume that the device allows.

Selecting Anti-robbery:

- a sound alarm will be activated when the screen will be off;

- the guard will stay active until the screen stay off;

- in case of movements the alarm starts a sound in order to take the attention of its owner.

Selecting Protectedmute:

- a sound alarm will be activated when the screen will be off;

- the guard will stay active until the screen stay off;

- in case of movements the alarm starts a sound in order to take the attention of its owner, the sound will stop only if the owner will open the app, types password and press Mute.

Sensors used:

- Proximity sensor: located near the front camera, it detect if something comes close to the device;

- Accelerometer: it detects the device movements.

The Sensibility bar allows you to choose how much sensitivity the accelerometer must consider in order to trigger.

TheGuard delay bar allows you to choose the alarm activation delay after the screen turned off.

Remote ringtone control

You can remotely set to the max/min value your ringtone volume sending a command via SMS.

The command must contain the password used to access to this app, followed by the command:

- #maxtoneif you want to set to the maximum value your ringtone volume (command case insensitive, i.e. upper or lower case does not matter);

- #mintoneif you want to set to the minimum value your ringtone volume (command case insensitive, i.e. upper or lower case does not matter).




- Change password: allowing the change of the password;

- Language: allowing the choice of the preferred language;

- Change sound: allowing the choice of your favorite sound used for anti-theft alarm;

- Help: providing the SMS commands useful for the remote control;

- Exit: that close the graphical interface.

The widget

It is useful for the only feature of Anti-robbery. In case of frequent use (e.g. in the office or in a restaurant/bar) it allows you to easily turn on/off that feature.

The bell symbol on the widget is useful to remember that this widget refers only to that feature.

The padlock symbol instead reminds you that the Protected Muteis active.

The entire widget will be:

- GREEN: Anti-robbery is active;

- GREY: Anti robbery is inactive;

- RED: failure to detect the backgroundservice (i.e. the green hat is missing from the upper status bar).

As noted above, the red color indicates that the background service has not been detected, then simply tap the widget in order to restart the app and restore the regular behavior of your Anti-Theft GPS.


A: When I send the message, why my device rings and I can read it on my own messaging manager

R: The mechanism that the custom handler messaging uses to retrieve incoming messages is the same as the alarm system. For this reason, even if the app hides the message, the custom handler messagingretrieves the same personalized messaging and displays to the user. The two applications are in natural conflict given the two opposing interests: hide and show the message respectively. So the only thing to do is make a choice: if the user can accept the idea that the device sounds anyway (keeping the custom handler messaging on the device) or not (that implies the removal of the custom handler messaging).

A: Why does my widget gets more seats than they should on my screen while using one of the many custom launcher

R: Unfortunately we cannot control how a custom launcher shows the elements of the desktop. For this reason, the behavior of the graphical components in common environment (such as widgets on the desktop) will be unpredictable to us, because they do not aware of the development policies of the launcher in use.

Use suggestions

In order to ensure a correct behavior, please restart your device after the installation.

Liability and warranty

This app is provided without warranty.

Although the authors have took care for a correct behavior, they discard any liability for damages caused by an use of the app that does not respect the law of the country.

To the users...

In case of faults or errors, please do not leave a negative judgement in Google Play, but write to "evosoft.it@gmail.com", we will be happy to face the problem as soon as possible.
Thank you in advance...

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